4 Myths & Misconceptions About ObamaCare

4 Myths & Misconceptions About ObamaCare

We’re in the thick of holiday season, and with the libations flowing and families gathering around  the dinner table, there’s sure to be plenty of spirited conversation and opinions shared. Since its signing in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly known as ObamaCare) has been no stranger to debates and controversy at dinner tables, water coolers, friendly chats, heated political debates and beyond.

With those chats comes the inevitable—plenty of misconceptions and myths being spread . Now that we’re in middle of open enrollment period, it’s the perfect time to clear the air about what’s fact and fiction with ObamaCare.

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Myth #1: I won’t be able to choose my own doctor

Lots of conversations we have with our clients about ObamaCare plans start something like this:

Our client:        “Can I keep my primary care doctor and pick my own hospital with an ObamaCare plan?”

DNA Agent:    “You sure can.”

Our Client:      “Then why doesn’t my doctor or hospital accept the ObamaCare plan I’m     considering?”

Not all ObamaCare plans are created equal, so it’s crucial that you stay informed about which plan is right for you and your family. You can keep your old providers, but you’ll want to make sure you work with an experienced insurance agent to select a plan that includes your doctor and hospital within your coverage network.

Myth #2: Healthcare will be too expensive for my family

Depending on the size of your household and your projected income level, you may qualify for drastically lowered premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Check out our breakdown of income brackets see if you qualify for a government subsidy on your policy and expenses.

Myth #3: ObamaCare will make my premium go up

If you already have healthcare coverage through your employer, ObamaCare most likely hasn’t made a big difference in your monthly premium. Are you currently uninsured? If so, then how much you’ll pay will depend on your circumstances.

Since going into effect, the Affordable Care Act prevents insurers from charging more based on health status or gender. What does that mean for you? If you’re not covered and have preexisting medical conditions, you’ll likely pay less than you would have before the availability of ObamaCare plans. If you’re healthy and young, you may pay more than you would have previously (however, you may qualify for a subsidy on your premium and expenses).

Myth #4: I’ll be denied coverage because of my medical history or health condition

One of the many benefits of ObamaCare is that it prevents insurers from deny anyone coverage based on a preexisting condition. Furthermore, insurers are not allowed to charge individuals more based on health status or gender. However, premiums can vary based on geography, age, tobacco use and coverage networks, so make sure to check with a knowledgeable insurance before signing up for a new policy.

If you have questions about what kind of coverage options are available to you and your family, or you’re ready to get started with enrolling in a healthcare policy, reach out to one of our agents and we’ll help you get informed about the right plan for you.

Happy holidays!

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